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Our Towing Services

Our experts at Midcoast Towing Services have developed a long tradition of delivering premium towing services in the Gold Coast and South Brisbane regions for over 40 years. We are fully insured for relocating anything and are recommended by all major insurance companies. Our holding yard is in Bailey Crescent, Southport and our truck depot is in Helensvale.

If required, we have a twin cab which carries up to 7 people, catering for larger families and we also have M1 highway Clearance. Our range of trucks are licenced with the QLD transport department and are thoroughly inspected on a yearly basis.

Midcoast Towing Services can assist you when relocating:

All vehicles, including prestige vehicles
Salvage and Accident Towing
Containers and site sheds
All types of machinery

Accident Towing

Accidents can be a stressful and anxiety-inducing experience, especially if you find yourself stuck on the side of the road with a damaged vehicle. That's where our team at Midcoast Towing comes in!

Our highly trained professionals are available 24/7 to safely and efficiently transport your vehicle to where it needs to go, whether that's a nearby mechanic or our secure holding yard in Southport.

Insurance Claims

Our towing team understands that insurance claims can be complicated and time consuming to deal with, which is why we work closely with all major insurance companies to help you simplify this process.

Our team will assist you every way they can along the way, making sure you get the proper compensation you deserve. At the end of the day, our ultimate goal is to provide our customers with peace of mind and a safe and efficient towing experience.

New & Used Vehicles

We are proud to offer a diverse range of towing services, including towing of both new and used vehicles. Whether you've just purchased a brand-new set of wheels or are looking to transport your trusty old vehicle from A to B, we've got you covered.

Our specialists are on hand to handle all your towing needs with the utmost care and attention, ensuring that your new or used vehicle arrives at its destination in tip-top condition every time.


We understand that every job we take on is unique and that's why we offer transport services alongside our towing services. Our team is equipped to handle transportation of all sorts of freight, from heavy machinery to containers and much more.

We ensure that every transportation job we complete is handled with accuracy and care, all while reducing stress for our customers.

Vehicle Breakdowns

If you find yourself stuck with a vehicle that has given up or won't start, don’t worry – our expert towing services have got you covered.

Whether you need a jump-start or a tow to a nearby mechanic, our team is equipped to handle it all.

Caravans & Campervans

Taking off on a road trip is always exciting, but sometimes unexpected problems can arise out of the blue. That's where our tow services come into play!

Whether you are needing your caravan or campervan towed, our trained professionals are ready to provide quick & reliable assistance. You can hit the road with confidence, knowing that our team at Midcoast Towing is always just a call away.

Commercial & Industrial

Our towing services includes commercial and industrial towing, which also includes transportation of freight. From moving machinery to large industrial equipment, we ensure that all your tow and transport needs are met with meticulous care and efficiency.

Our reliable and efficient commercial and industrial towing services will keep the operation your business running smoothly.
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